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Security White Paper

This security white paper is part of DJI's commitment to ongoing transparency and education. It outlines the key systems in a drone and identifies the security measures DJI has implemented to bolster security and protect the integrity of user data:

  • Drone hardware, including aircraft, remote controllers, and viewing systems such as goggles.
  • Communication systems, including protocols for connections between the drone and its remote controller.
  • Applications, including mobile apps for operating drones and computer applications for processing and analyzing drone-collected data.
  • Cloud services, including DJI’s options for storing and managing data on different types of cloud architecture.
  • We hope the discussion provides helpful information about the details of how DJI systems handle data, and illuminates the care and scrutiny DJI applies to its stewardship of customer data.

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    Manage Your Privacy

    User privacy is one of DJI's top priorities and when we say your data is none of our business, we mean it.

    We want you – our valued users – to know that we do not sell user data to advertisers. It is simply not our intention nor our business model.

    As the industry leader, we believe we have a responsibility to inform our customers exactly what data we have, how we use it and how we keep it safe. As a tech company, it’s equally important to be absolutely clear about what data we don’t have access to.

    We believe that our customers should have control of their data which is why we have prepared these guidelines to help you better understand and manage the data you generate with your DJI drone.

    Regardless of whether you’re a consumer or enterprise user, all of our products have privacy settings that enable you to check and adjust your product’s privacy settings wherever and whenever you choose.

    Please check out our guidelines below and drop us an email at datasecurity@dji.com if you have any questions or comments.

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