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DJI Security Information Center

Learn about DJI’s ongoing efforts to further strengthen data security, customer privacy and airspace safety

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    Statement About DJI’s Cyber Security and Privacy Practices

    Recent news and blog coverage of DJI has raised a number of key questions about DJI’s practices regarding cyber security and privacy. We recognize that there are several reasonable concerns brought up about DJI’s record in this space, so we’d like to set the record straight on the current state of DJI’s security efforts.

    2017.11.25DJI Official
  • dji-logo

    DJI Is Committed to Protecting Its Customers’ Private Information

    DJI recognizes that users of electronic devices are increasingly concerned about the security of their private data, and many people have asked us how DJI products protect the photos, videos, and other information our customers generate. We are releasing this statement to help answer those questions.

    2018.01.04DJI Official